Saturday, March 17, 2012

historic homes look on development

An Ode Street Tribune investigative walk has revealed historic homes in the Ft. Myer Heights neighborhood of Rosslyn.  One home has a red metal roof on top of traditional architecture.  Another is an old-style wood rambler with a magnificent wood patch-work roof.

These home are right near the construction site for new Grayson Flats at 1200 N. Rolfe Street.  The Grayson Flats website describes the new building:
With just 67 stunningly spacious apartment homes, Grayson Flats is a modern jewel box within walking distance of everything and miles ahead of the competition.
Development and affordable housing were major issues in the recent County Board candidates forum.  Rosslyn still has an amazingly diverse housing stock, but keeping that is a major challenge for public policy.

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