Monday, June 11, 2012

Hippo needs a home

A dog named Hippo is looking for a home.  Hippo was rescued from Philadelphia.  He's described as very smart and friendly, but best as an only dog.

Hippo is a 40 lbs male pit bull/border collie mix.  If his father was the border collie, he's a shoo-in for the Ode Street Tribune's Man-of-the-Year.

For contact information to make inquiries about Hippo, look for the public poster at the corner of N. Meade St. and the Arlington Blvd access road, and at other fine locations in Rosslyn.


Anonymous said...

A pit bull mix is a very dangerous breed of dog. There have been numerous cases where pit bulls have attached small children of the owner. This dog should only be adopted by someone with experience handling dogs and who does not have small children.

Anonymous said...

A shoe-in as Man-of-the-Year? Ha! Have you not seen my website at ? Hippo looks fat (probably where he got his name) and has funny looking ears. Besides, he clearly has no manners sticking his tongue out at people.

Go ahead Ode Street - if you dare - put it up for a popular vote. Teddy vs Hippo. I figure I'd win by at least a 4 to 1 margin..


Teddy (also known in some parts as the Wonder Dog!)