Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rosslyn leading location for airplane-watching

Well-informed airplane-watchers recognize Rosslyn's Freedom Park as a premiere location for watching airplanes.  Gravelly Point Park offers airplane-watchers a close-up view of aircraft landing at Reagan National Airport. An occasional close-up is exciting. Rosslyn's Freedom Park, however, offers a more beautiful vista, lush gardens, and all the amenities of downtown Rosslyn.  From Freedom Park airplane-watchers can watch airplanes crossing a vista encompassing the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.  Looking north gives a view of airplanes passing behind the interesting shapes of Rosslyn's skyscape.  In addition, since many of Rosslyn's buildings have reflective surfaces, viewers can watch images of airplanes racing across surfaces of Rosslyn's buildings.  Since airplanes pass over Rosslyn very frequently in the morning and evening, airplane-watchers have plenty of airplanes to see.  Rosslyn is a great place to watch airplanes!

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