Friday, July 13, 2012

Rosslyn Thursday-night scene

Activity in downtown Rosslyn is picking up.  D. Wright Sigmund, the chairman of the Rosslyn BID's Retail Task Force, recently observed that Rosslyn is ripe for retail expansion:
The new Washington area consumer is relatively young, highly educated, drinks Starbucks, eats out four nights a week and spends more than his predecessors. Rosslyn is one location where this ideal consumer lives and works. Here in Rosslyn, 74 percent of residents are college-educated; their average age is 38; their average household income is $100,168. Plus, Rosslyn hosts a 40,000-strong community of professionals who commute here five days a week. These consumers are the target of all retailers who have focused on the area for growth.
With pedestrian skywalk connecting downtown Rosslyn to Roosevelt Island and a new non-motorized boathouse along Rosslyn's Potomac shore, Rosslyn will become an even more active scene for leisure and relaxation. 

But let's hope that Dominion Power repair trucks are less commonly seen.

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