Monday, January 28, 2013

without leaving Rosslyn, see the world with Scott Shelton

You nestle into bed at night, thinking of Rosslyn.  You love Rosslyn.  You would never leave Rosslyn.  Yet a small part of you knows that there is an other beyond.

Without leaving Rosslyn, you can experience more through the magnificent photography and travel writing of Rosslyn-based world traveler L. Scott Shelton.  He explains:
There are truly places in the world as magically beautiful as your nighttime dreams. The misty light of alpenglow over a snow-covered mountain summit, the breathless thrill in seeing a lion make a kill on the Serengeti, even the simple serenity found on the oceanic expanses of the Australian outback, all somehow become part of you. I feel very fortunate, and will always be thankful, for being able to make such unforgettable, soul-nourishing scenes a part of my life. 
Shelton has traveled to India, Bangladesh, Tibet, Burma, Australia, New Zealand, and Siberia, among other places.  This past August he was climbing in the Alps; recently he was in Madagascar.  His photographs from these travels have been published by The Smithsonian, The Chicago Sun-Times, National Geographic, Alaska Outdoors, and many other prestigious publications.  The Ode Street Tribune is pleased to present, with permission, two selected Scott Shelton photographs.  You can see many more photographs in his online gallery.  You can purchase from Scott Shelton professionally made large color prints suitable for framing. 
Realistically, you know that your life would be far worse if you left Rosslyn.  But you can still enjoy Scott Shelton's stories and photographs

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