Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rosslyn losing a Tribune subscriber

An Ode Street Tribune subscriber is moving from Rosslyn to the Upper East Side of Manhattan at the end of this month.  The subscriber, Anastasia M., says that she loved living in Rosslyn, but couldn't turn down an exciting job opportunity in social marketing with a major New York agency.

Having come from San Francisco, Anastasia's a bit apprehensive about living in Manhattan.  The Manhattan House seemed to her somewhat less green and less friendly than Westmoreland, but it has newer kitchen appliances and a concierge service.  Asked whether Rosslyn is more like San Francisco or Manhattan, Anastasia said that she felt the same cultural richness here that she did in San Francisco, but at the same time Rosslyn has a kind of New York intensity of life.  She said that she likes a spunky local news source and hopes that she'll be able to find another like the Tribune.

The eyes of the Tribune's publisher flashed with anger at Anastasia's suggestion that there could be another like the Tribune.  Anastasia said that she didn't mean it that way, and said that she will always stay with the Ode Street Tribune.

The Ode Street Tribune is available to readers world-wide. Wherever your life takes you, the Tribune will always be there for you.

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Anonymous said...

If this is the standard for honoring departing subscribers in the OST, I look forward to an obituary or wedding announcement. Or am I missing something?