Saturday, March 10, 2012

Diamond Derby creates dynamic cycling scene

Today's Crystal City Diamond Derby combined an wonderful range of cycling styles in an event that began under beautiful blue skies on the National Mall and ended with a high-energy underground cycling scene in a parking garage in Crystal City.  No matter what sort of cycling you like, this event had something for you.
The Dandies & Quaintrelles led a style ride that started near the Smithsonian metro station, circled around Hains Point with beautiful river vistas, and then crossed the 395 bridge, giving all the riders a chance to enjoy Rosslyn's spectacular skyscape. The ride then traveled on the Mt. Vernon trail to the Diamond Derby site in Crystal City. 
The bike racing on the underground parking garage course was intense.  It was a highly technical course with many tight turns, some speed bumps, a tire obstacle, and a barrier jump.  The open-class scavenger points competition also required riders to carry their bikes through a van.  In addition, riders had to pick off a roll of duct tape from a road pylon and place it on another, without putting a foot on the ground.  This was pioneering urban cyclocross.  Like cyclocross races, the Diamond Derby had a great have-fun vibe, food, music, and excellent spectating.
Douglas Galbi, riding for local bike racing team Squadra Coppi, finished in the middle of the field in the Dandies & Quaintrelles River Ride.  Determined to bring more glory to Squadra Coppi, he also lined up for the open-class scavenger points competition.  He was riding a fixed-gear, faux-track bike with stylish white coloring that beautifully complemented the colors of the Squadra Coppi kit.  However, that type of bike is totally wrong for urban cyclocross racing.  Asked about his equipment choice, Galbi said, "Crystal City is known for fashion and Crystal Couture. I had to try to look good."

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gwadzilla said...

my legs hurt.

which is odd... it was a short course... a short duration... and I was not going that fast