Saturday, April 23, 2011

Squadra Coppi gets new clothing

Local bike racing team Squadra Coppi has gotten new clothes.  The stylish outfit has mid-line split between white and powder blue, and matching dual-color leg bands.  Splashes of red on one shoulder and in the back white half pay tribute to Coppi sponsors Idea Engineering and Bikeman.  In these slick, muscle-accenting outfits, no one can doubt the manliness of the men and women of Squadra Coppi.

When you're driving in the area, you may come across some Squadra Coppi riders.  Stay focused, and pay attention to the position of the bikes and other traffic.  Don't roll down your window and try to get one of the riders numbers as you're driving by.  Instead, note the bike frame model and wheel brand of the rider that interests you.  Later, in less exciting and dangerous circumstances, contact Squadra Coppi President Mark Skubis to try to arrange a connection.

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