Thursday, April 21, 2011

trees executed in Ft. Myer Heights Park

Yesterday, two trees in Ft. Myer Heights Park were marked with white, spray-painted X's.  Today, those two trees were executed.  Fresh sawdust and limbs with green leaves slowly going limp litter the site of the execution.  Without a doubt, those trees were alive before they were executed.

The Ode Street Tribune has written in support of dead trees.   These trees were alive.  It's true that they had some health problems.  The smaller tree was rotten at its core.  Many organisms that are rotten at the core continue to exist for a long time.  The larger tree was old, and had some blotches and dysfunctional limbs.  But old age and feebleness doesn't make a tree less of a tree.  Like the other tree, it still spread some green leaves. 

Before these living trees were executed, we had no discussions, no meetings, no options documents, and no reports.  Action was simply taken.  It is finished.  We can only walk away demoralized and discouraged.

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Anonymous said...

I commend the Ode Street Tribune for taking the side of old things, that are not quite what they once were, but which still have some life remaining.