Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rosslyn bikeshare puzzle ... resolved

This past weekend four Capital Bikeshare stations were installed in Rosslyn.  The bikeshare stations are located at Lynn & 19th St North (near Gateway Park), Wilson Blvd & Ft Myer Dr (diagonally across from the back of Rosslyn Metro), Clarendon Blvd & Pierce St (a short distance from the fire station), and N Rhodes & 16th St N (diagonally across from il Radicchio).  Here's the full Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) map.

Rosslyn is the spirtual anchor of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.  Hence it's not surprising that bikeshare stations were first installed in Rosslyn.   An Ode Street Tribune investigative reporter was startled, however, to find that all the bikes but one had left the Pierce St. station.  Are CaBi riders leaving the Rosslyn neighborhood? 

Riders in fact appear to be trying to get closer to the heart of Rosslyn. The bikeshare station on Ft. Myer Dr. had a much fuller array of bikes.

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Susan said...

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