Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rosslyn Highlands Park field needs re-turfing

Now that construction of the Ft. Myer Heights Park children's playground is underway, other Rosslyn parks deserve some thought.  Rosslyn Vista Park is a national treasure that already attracted sunbathers earlier this year.  Rosslyn's Hillside Park is painful to contemplate.  What about Rosslyn Highlands Park?  This park, nestled between Rosslyn's legendary Fire Station 10 and Rosslyn's great Mongolian School, used to host friendly pick-up soccer games.  Trailers were set up on the field to provide temporary classroom space.  The trailers have now been removed.  But the grass is destroyed.  The field no longer attracts soccer players.  A low-cost renovation of this field could help make it once again a neighborhood place for gathering and play.

Update: Arlington Public Schools is responsible for the field. Other Arlington Public School fields have higher priority for renovation. If you have problems with the field, contact James Meikle at Arlington Public Schools, (703) 228-6617.

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