Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Georgetown seeks better connection to Rosslyn

Georgetown is exploring the idea of a gondola to better connect Georgetown to Rosslyn.  It's not surprising that the aging Georgetown would like to hook up with dynamic and vibrant Rosslyn.  The Georgetown Metropolitan reports:
The idea would be to better connect Rosslyn with Georgetown University. Stringing a system between those to points could potentially move a great deal of individuals. Georgetown estimates that its GU-Rosslyn GUTS bus route carries over 700,000 riders a year.
But why just connect Georgetown University to Rosslyn?  All of Georgetown would benefit from being better connected to Rosslyn.  The demand is certainly there.  Persons are so keen to get to Rosslyn from Georgetown that they will walk across Key Bridge in a snowstorm.

Moreover, the most scenic route for a gondola would connect the Georgetown Waterfront Park to Roosevelt Island and then to the center of downtown Rosslyn.  Persons from Georgetown and Rosslyn could then enjoy the beautiful natural environment of Roosevelt Island and then move on to the excitement and energy of downtown Rosslyn.

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