Thursday, January 16, 2014

Democrat firehouse primary for county board seat

Arlington County Board member Chris Zimmerman is retiring from the County Board early this February.  So far three Democratic candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination.  Those candidates are, in reverse alphabetical order, Cord Thomas, Alan Howze, and Peter Fallon.  They will participate in debates on Saturday, January 18, 2-4pm at Campbell School; Thursday, January 23, 8-9pm, at Glebe School, and Monday, January 27, 8-9pm at Drew School.  The Democratic firehouse primary will take place on Thursday, January 30, 7-9pm at Key Elementary School, and Saturday, February 1, 11am-7pm at Kenmore Middle School.  Votes will be recorded and tabulated in accordance with instant runoff voting.

The Arlington County Board plays an important role in keeping Rosslyn a premiere place to live, work, or have a business.  Moreover, Rosslyn is a riverfront gateway to Arlington County and the face of Arlington County to Washington, DC.  Voters should consider carefully candidates' understanding of Rosslyn's importance and their support for Rosslyn.

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