Friday, January 17, 2014

see art everywhere in Rosslyn

With Artisphere, Rosslyn has become a magnet for art and creativity.  That art and creativity isn't confined to artifacts displayed in galleries.  Awarding-winning designer Ignacio Ciocchini is working with the Rosslyn BID to create new experiences on Rosslyn's streets.  Here's what's coming:
We’re creating great street furniture and amenities that look to the future, incorporate technology, and are made, whenever possible, with recycled materials. We’re looking at ways to balance the space allotted to cars and people. We’re creating places for people to work and relax outside. The products include park benches, trash cans, streetlights, bike racks, pop-up caf├ęs, and a branded information kiosk, among many other things.
Innovative art is happening everywhere in Rosslyn.

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