Thursday, February 20, 2014

Artisphere's influence apparent among regional artists

Foon Sham's Chapel Oak Vessel, now on the grounds of the Arlington Arts Center only about two miles west of the center of Rosslyn, indicates Artisphere's influence.  Artisphere is about expanding one's total experience of the world.  Foon Sham's Chapel Oak Vessel invites persons to enter for a heightened experience of the natural world of wood.  Within this sphere, you can experience the smell of wood and a sonically peaceful environment. 

The sonic dimension of Foon Sham's Chapel Oak Vessel provides a nice prelude to FERMATA, a major sound art exhibit opening at Artisphere on April 24.  FERMATA will present a broad spectrum of sounds:
FERMATA is a celebration of sound as a form of expression in all of its elasticity. From artists integrating field recordings into composition to scientists using sine waves to audiate data, Fermata showcases individuals using sound in a variety of ways, inviting visitors to temporarily disregard such classifications or any preconceived notions of sound and simply listen.
Sound art is a vibrant field of cutting-edge contemporary art.  But it's also controversial.  Stuckists or the Anti-Humbaba Action Coalition may protest against FERMATA.  Peaceful art protests are no cause for fear.

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