Thursday, March 6, 2014

massive photographic celebration of Rosslyn

Next Thursday, a new public art masterpiece will be unveiled in Rosslyn and featuring Rosslyn.  It's a specially commissioned work by a prize-winning artist:
Commissioned by the BID to shoot “The Rosslyn Series,” fine art photographer Frank Hallam Day explored Rosslyn’s streets and captured beauty in the most unexpected places. As Central Place undergoes transformation, so do all engaged by the photographic installation that graces the south wall of one of the site’s original buildings.

Day’s work is found in numerous museums and private collections in the United States and abroad. He is a winner of the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Prize and the Bader Prize.
You can bet that the struggling Corcoran Gallery will be forlornly eying this new work of art.  The best way to prepare to appreciate this work is to savor again Poncho Sanchez's poignant tribute to Rosslyn at last year's Rosslyn Jazz Festival.

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