Wednesday, May 21, 2014

wild buttercups blooming in Rosslyn

In the wildlands of Rosslyn just north of the exit from Memorial Drive to Rt. 110, buttercups are blooming. A leading Rosslyn freelance reporter, now on maternity leave, first identified this expanse of flowers back in 2012.  Rosslyn's buttercups are every bit as beautiful as the buttercups growing in the vast wilderness of Oregon's Columbia Gorge.

Rosslyn is not only a world-class urban place, it's also a world-class wild place.


Elmer said...

What you call Buttercups are properly identified as Ranunculus. They grow worldwide and they are a very pretty but rather un-interesting flower.

You humorously noted that the Buttercups growing in Rosslyn are as beautiful as those growing in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge which is correct. My guess is that you also have Dandelion flowers growing in Rosslyn that are as beautiful as the Dandelions that grow worldwide.

By the way, do you have flowers growing in Rosslyn like the Chocolate lily, Avalanch Lily, Camas Lily, Shotting stars, Fairybells, Lupine, Balsamroot, Oxalis etc. that grow in the Columbia River Gorge. If you are interested you can go to to see a sample of the flowers that grow in the Columbia River Gorge.

Andrew said...

Elmer - Especially like your rattlesnake plantain and huckleberry (looks like a blueberry). Here's a link to some of the plants on Roosevelt Island in/adjacent to Rosslyn if interested: It doesn't include mulberry or buttercups, both of which I've seen there. Maybe they are non-native, uninteresting, or just undiscovered.