Monday, September 29, 2014

conflict erupts over Westmoreland ivy bed

Tonight's board meeting for the historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums points toward terror. Among an usually large attendance of residents, five in total, three complained bitterly about the state of the ivy bed next to the 1301 Westmoreland building.  Disappointment and anger with Westmoreland's landscaping company, Lancaster Lanscapes, is universal.  Popular sentiment seems to be headed toward boots-on-the-ground action.  One resident declared, "Lancaster is worse than ISIS!" Some residents have proposed forming a voluntary army to take care of the problem. 

The Westmoreland Board urged caution and consideration of legality. The Board declared that it is considering switching next year's landscaping contract to Greenscape. The Board also decided to defer voting on an additional contract with Lancaster to remediate the ivy bed. Whether this Board action will be sufficient to address the tense situation remains unclear.

Other items from tonight board meeting:
  • The board approved an audit of condo finances.
  • The board decided to call for bids for milling and repaving the parking lots next summer.
  • There's some concern about Zalco's poor performance in timely payment for contractors.  The Board is making inquiries about the issue.
  • Noise from heat pumps on the roof of 1301 is a concern.  Culbertson's roof contract will not be completed until additional noise associated with racks for the heat pumps has been resolved.
  • Excessive, late-night noise from a fraternity house next to the Gables complex is disturbing residents. As a diverse neighborhood of fun-loving kids and grumpy old folks, we have to show some consideration for each other. 
Attending this month's condo board meeting were five residents and condo board members José Calvo, Jennifer Feinleib, Joe Ruland, and Gretchen Sprehe.  No Zalco representative attended.  The next regularly scheduled condo board meeting will be on Monday, October 27.

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