Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wiseguy NY Pizza won't provide full NY service in Rosslyn

Given Rosslyn's similarity to Manhattan as a towering urban port, Wiseguy NY Pizza has wisely chosen to locate in Rosslyn. Wiseguy NY Pizza will be opening at 1735 N Lynn St. (former site of Quizno's Subs) in a few months.

Unfortunately some aspects of Wiseguy NY Pizza's offering are troubling. A notice on the door describes what will be offered. Among the features of the pizza:
  • NewYorkinized water (special filtering system for pure clean water)
  • kneading, proofing & fermentation technique
  • no pizza screens or pans
  • dough must cook directly on old-school deck over
  • use extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany, Italy
  • use parmesano regino from Italy
  • use most expensive Wisconsin cheese
  • homemade fresh mozzarella, homemade meatball
  • homemade sauces & dressing
The use of "extra-virgin olive oil" doesn't seem to appreciate Rosslyn's colorful history. But more troubling are two exclusive features:
  • provide the best food but the worst customer service (only in NY)
  • treat tourists like cattle (only in NY)
Rosslyn deserves to get everything that NY gets. The Ode Street Tribune calls on Wiseguy NY Pizza to offer Rosslyn fully authentic NY service.

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