Monday, November 10, 2014

Rosslyn tree brutally cut down at corner of Pierce St. & 16th

Dismembered body parts and ground saturated in sawdust create a horrifying site at the corner of Pierce St. and 16th St. A magnificent, old tree has been killed.  This brutal action is part of the planned Pierce St. development at the site.

While the Ode Street Tribune doesn't traffic in conspiracy theories, the connection between this killing and events about a week ago are obvious. Just trace the line. This tree is right next to a power line that goes across Rt. 50 and connects to a telephone pole near the historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condominums. About a week ago, a tree there took down the power line, cut off power to thousands, and stopped traffic on Rt. 50 from the resulting damaging. That was retaliation for the foreseen killing of the tree across the street.

Stop the violence. Let's all -- trees and people -- just live together peacefully.

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Anonymous said...

I support you call to stop the violence. However, I was disappointed that the Monday Ode Street Tribune did not note that Tuesday was Veterans Day and that people should remember to thank veterans for their service. As a veteran, I was disappointed that no one called me to thank me for my service. One would think that at least one of my four grown children would take the time to call and thank me for my service to this great country, whose benefits they enjoy.