Monday, March 9, 2015

Artisphere outdoor installation continues to wow art critics

Rosslyn Abstract Constructivist Art, commonly known as Raca Rosslyn, has a signature piece in the installation now ongoing just outside Rosslyn's Artisphere. This installation debuted without the big publicity pushes and marketing campaigns now associated with important art exhibits. It pretended to be just a construction project.

Now there is no question that this dynamic installation is a major work of art. Just look at that ladder poignantly placed in the upper left corner. That's no accident. It's beautiful, and deeply significant. Wherever you are, whatever your situation, you can climb out. The reddish hues of the earth on the upper left balance the rust-colored steel wall, holding back soil but connected through color organically to the soil. A pipe runs through it, not a river, but a pipe. The square structure in the middle connects to the urban built environment. The circle on its top brings down the moon. This is Rosslyn, the place of cosmic alignment.

This installation reportedly is a secret collaboration between the Arlington Department of Environmental Services (DES) and an Artisphere artistic team. The Artisphere artistic team reportedly includes major contemporary artists who have fled to Rosslyn following the debacle at the Corcoran Gallery. Raca Rosslyn -- the movement that constructs from the ordinary the artistic extraordinary -- unquestionably is a rising creative influence in the artistic world.

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Paige Smith said...

At first glance I had no idea that what I was looking at was someones art piece. I simply thought the picture was just a normal pipe installation. However looking at the big picture I notice the artist putting the ladder in the corner and the rust colored walls being part of her artistic piece. I would like to learn more about moving pipes around and installing them. demolition