Wednesday, October 28, 2009

notes from Oct. Westmoreland Condo Board meeting

Some notes from this past Monday's Condo Board meeting:
  • We are still waiting for Verizon to start installing Fios.  No one knows when installation will begin.
  • The roof repair on 1311 is nearly complete.  Most of the repair was done in 2-3 days.
  • Pruning of tree branches, particularly dead branches over the parking lot of 1301, is underway.
  • The Board approved re-engagement of auditor.  Cost is $2,500 for auditing of annual accounts, $350 for tax return, and $75 administrative fee
  • A sewer backup in building 1309, along with one earlier this summer in 1307, makes clear the importance of seriously addressing this problem.  The Board has decided to hydrojet all the sewer lines.  Moreover, this will be done annually.  The cost is a few thousand dollars per year.  Arlington County has recently highlighted that pouring fats, oils, and grease (FOG) down drains clogs county sewer lines. Pour grease into a can, let it solidify, and then throw out the can.  This will decrease the probability of sewer disasters in Westmoreland and across Arlington County.
  • Westmoreland is still waiting for repair of the parking lot resurfacing.  No money has yet been paid for the resurfacing, and no money will be paid until the problems with the resurfacing are fixed.
  • A resident sought approval to install an exhaust vent.  Approval is regularly granting once necessary arrangements have been made with the contractor to make the modification in accordance with condo standards.
Condo Board members Jose Calvo, Emil Tabakov, Valerie Corda, Jennifer Hastings, and Joe Ruland, residents Gretchen S. and Douglas G., and Property Manager Dennis Freeman attended the meeting.  That's right, the number of Board members attending was more than twice as great the number of non-Board residents attending.  Residents should be grateful for the service of our busy, unpaid Condo Board members.  One way to show some appreciation would be to show up for some meetings.

The next regularly scheduled Condo Board meeting is Monday, Nov. 23, at 7pm.


Anonymous said...

The article on the Board Meeting lists the residence that were in attendance. It appears that the editor of the Ode Street Tribune was not present at the meeting. Since the editor was not present, good journalistic practice would suggest that the source of the information in the article be stated. Since there was nothing controversial in this article, it does not matter for this article; however, the suggestion is given for future articles.
-- A reader who just wants the Ode Street Tribune to maintain high standards ---

Douglas Galbi said...

We applaud readers who recognize the Ode Street Tribune's high news reporting standards. Douglas Galbi, the editor of the Ode Street Tribune, its reporting staff, and its janitorial service person, was in attendance at the Board meeting. His attendance was noted as Douglas G.