Tuesday, March 16, 2010

G-40 becomes collective space

Crystal City has transformed a high-rise office space into G-40: The Summit, an exhibition of New Brow contemporary underground art.  The exhibition, which is open Wednesday through Saturday nights as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons, also includes a schedule of musical and visual performances, lectures, and art demonstrations.  It is free and open to the public.  No tickets are needed.      

The exhibition is much greater than the sum of the contributing artists' works.  If you just look at the individual works, you are sure to find some that you love, and some that don't interest you at all.  The average level of painting skill is quite high, considerably higher than past Artomatic exhibitions.  But viewers looking for masterpieces of art can easily miss the greatness of the collective enterprise across the whole space.

G-40 presents spectacular urban vistas.  The best time to see them is when the space is least crowded and the lights against the darkness outside create colored reflections on the windows.  Walls, pillars, small rooms, halls, all are alive with creative effort.  The geographical distinctions by floors sadly mimic the tribal organization of international politics.  You can see across floors only when you're not really looking. Ignore the distinctions among floors.  Look across the space on each floor, and enjoy movement across the diverse shapes, colors, moods, and styles.

The political thrust of the exhibit seems to be mainly in popular creativity that overflows boundaries and washes away status hierarchies.   Protest and despair in the art resonates with stains on the carpeted floor and the empty office space of a business gone bankrupt.  Take away our jobs, but we will not be unemployed; show no respect for our work, but we will not quit; take away the work of our hands, and we will make more.  Make more!

Aaron Jasinski, Aaron Kraten, Adam Russell, Adrian 'Viajero' Roman, Alan Defibaugh, Aleloop, Alex Chiu, Alex Hornest, Alexa Meade, Andrew Hem, Angie Mason, Angry Woebots, Aniekan Udofia, Anko Christian, Anna Todaro, Annabelle Hartmann, Anthony Dihle, Arabella Proffer-Vendetta, Artistic Sole, Askew One, Aunia Kahn, Bay Truth Seeker, Beautiful Nightmare, Ben Tolman, Billy Mode, Blaine Fontana, Bonnie Durham, Brad Strain, Brandi Read, Brandon Hill, Brandon McLean, Brent Houzenga, Bryan Collins, Bryan Schnelle, Cabezon, Caia Koopman, Casey Weldon, Cern One, Charlie Owens, Chris Bishop, Chris Brett, Chris Granillo, Chris Murray, Chris RWK, Chris Sheridan, Chris Stain, Codak, Cope 2, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barber, Craig Robinson, Cutthroat, Dabs Myla, Damara The Destroyer, Dan May, Dana Ellyn, Daniel Barojas, Daniel Fleres, Darling, Jim and Tina, Daryll Peirce, Dave Chung, Dave Lowell, David Flores, David Foox, Decoy, Dennis Schuster, Dolla, Douglas Alvarez, Downer, Drew Storm Graham, Dust, Dustin Spagnola, E.L.K., edward gross, El Stabo, Emily Greene Liddle, Emma Overman, Ernesto Nasimo, Esho, Eyeone, Francisco Munoz, Frank Gonzales, Gaia, Ganyan, Gary Yong, Ghetto Picasso, gigi, Gosha Levochkin, Graham Franciose, Heather Randell, Herm Life!, Hyein Lee, Indie, Jack Howe, James Walker, Jared Davis, Jazirock, Jeremy Asher Lynch, Jessica Angel, Jessica van Brakle, Jim Mahfood, Jimbot, Joe Iurato, John Collier, John Felix Arnold III, John Koleszar, JoKa, Jophen Stein, Josh Taylor, Joshua Herbolsheimer, Joshua Krause, Julie Steiner, Justin Tolentino, Kareem Rizk, Keith Rosson, Kelly Castillo, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Keirns, Kenn Munk, Kerry Roper, Kevin E. Taylor, Ki Yoon Ko, Kristal Blanco, Lady Glock, Leah Bassett, Lelo, Leonor Morais, Liza Corbett, Luis Diaz, Luz Del Mar Rosado, Mar Hernández, Marc Wöhr, Marie Barr, Mario Wagner, Marka 27, Mary Spring, Matt Sesow, Matt Somma, Matthew Linares, Matthew Parker, Mauricio Murillo, Max Jones, Max Kauffman, MDOK, Mefee, Melanie Pruitt, Michael Owen, Michael Weber, Migdalia Luz Barens Vera, Mikel Glass, Molly Crabapple, Molotov Circus, Morten Andersen, Mr. Ben Venom, Mr. Penfold, Munk One, Nancie Yang, Natalie Shau, Nerosunero, Nick Morris, Nicolas Gracey, Nils Westergard, Nishi, Novie Trump, Ovie, Owen Beckmann, Pablo Crist, Pamela Henderson, PaperMonster, Parskid, Patrick "STAR27" Deignan, Patrick Fatica, Patrick Haemmerlein, Paul Chatem, Paulo Arraiano, Peabe, Peap, Peter Chang, Peter Krsko, Phoneticontrol, Pixel Pancho, Project Detonate, Raudiel Sañudo, Raul "Frame" Gamboa, Remi Mead, Reuben Rude, Richard Alan Haugh, Rick Reese, Ron Zakrin, Ruben Ubiera, Rudy Duboue, Rudy Fig, Saint JAHn, Scott Albrecht, Scott G. Brooks, Seamo One, Sergio Martinez, Shaunna Peterson, Shawn Martinbrough, Soule, Spencer Reynolds, Stuter, Sue Works, Susannah Parnin, Sylvia Ortiz, Tatiana Suarez, Terri Woodward, Terry Plater, The Krah, Thinkmule, Tim Conlon, Tim Phibs, Tim Slayton, TMNK, Tommii Lim, Treva Eldwood, Trevor Young, Truth Among Liars, Truth Among Liars, Twitch, Tyler Oyer, Ultra, Uncle Mildred, Ursula Young, Vacon Sartirani, Vanilla Royal, Veng, Walter Hall, Yulia Graham, Zach Tobias, Zachary Walsh

*  *  *  *  *

Thanks to all the participating artist for sharing their work.  Thanks also to Tab for sharing the soundtrack in the above video.  The soundtrack  is "Mad World" (produced by A.U.R.C),  from Tab's first, mainly self-produced album, Poet in the Dark.

G-40: The Summit is at 223 23rd St. in Crystal City, VA.  The exhibit is open March 1-30, 2010, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 5 – 10pm; Fridays: 5pm – Midnight; Saturdays: 12pm – Midnight; Sundays: 12pm – 6pm.  It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

[video included in post]

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