Saturday, March 13, 2010

prospects for Westmoreland FiOS look distant

Verizon has decided not to put FiOS in Alexandria and is suspending FiOS franchise expansion nationwide.  Verizon has a FiOS franchise for Arlington and has had a license agreement with Westmoreland since the summer of 2008.  About this time last year, FiOS installation was expected to occur this past fall.  No installation has occurred.  Verizon's decision to abandon Alexandria and suspend franchise expansion isn't a good sign for Westmoreland getting FiOS any time soon.

Some of our neighbors, however, are already getting FiOS.  The new, luxurious Residences at Memorial Overlook, which are just a couple blocks from Westmoreland toward the Iwo Jima, have FiOS.  Those condos are considerably more valuable than Westmoreland condos.  Verizon appears to be prioritizing its deployment on the most lucrative buildings in the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe (and disappointing to learn) that the editor of the Ode Street Tribune uses old fashion paper checks and snail mail to pay bills. Hasn’t the editor heard of on-line bill payment? On line bill payments helps save the environment by not wasting paper for checks and oil for delivery vans. The admission by the editor that he uses old fashion paper checks to pay bills certainly makes one think that the Ode Street Tribune is not up on the modern world. No wonder that Verizon decided to bypass Westmorland. Verizon probably looked at Westmorland’s face to the world, the Ode Street Tribune, and decided that Westmorland is stuck in the old world. As such Westmorland does not need high speed internet. This reader’s message to the Ode Street Tribune: “Get with it”.