Saturday, March 13, 2010

more heroic service from the post office

Two weeks ago, late Sunday evening, exhausted, I paid my bills the old-fashioned way.  For at least one bill, I put the stub in the envelope, the check in, sealed it, and forgot about postage or a return address.  Then the next morning, still in another world, I mailed the bill.

A few days ago I got my payment back, with a stamped message on the envelope, "Return for Postage."  How did it manage to get back to me?  Well, a postal worker apparently opened the envelope, found my address, wrote it on the outside of the envelope, and had it sent back to me.  What incredible, caring, dedicated service!  You don't get that with email.

Whether it's finding a missing return address or working through a blizzard to bring us our mail, the postal service delivers.  Go postal!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you would not be so "exhausted" and "in another world" if you used modern on-line-bill payment to pay your bills. Considering that you do not use on line bill payment, I am surprised that you do not distribute the Ode Street Tribune by "Snail Mail". Get with it! Join the modern world! The Internet is here to stay.

Anonymous said...

A disgrace and a scandal – the editor of the prestigious Ode Street Tribune, destroying trees and polluting the environment by using old fashioned paper checks to pay bills. The hard working civil servants at the FCC that are struggling to bring high speed internet to our country must be disheartened and saddened by events such as this. People stuck in the past, resisting change, and unwilling to accept modern technology. We need a government regulation that will eliminate such wasteful practices. Fortunately, government agencies such as the FCC have some hard working, forward looking, civil servants that will move our country forward into the internet age not withstanding a few holdouts that refuse to change.

Douglas Galbi said...

Dear Reader,

If you don't stop complaining, we will cancel your subscription and give you a complete refund. So there!

The Editor

Anonymous said...

A threat rather than an answer!!!
We who are trying to protect our forests and stop global warming will not be silenced.
Does the Ode Street Times only want readers that agree with their “no new technology” anti-environment philosophy?
Maybe the request for comments in the Ode Street Tribune should say “comment if you agree”.