Tuesday, June 22, 2010

power work outside 1215 Fort Myer

A secondary line leading out of one of the transformers on the utility pole outside of 1215 Fort Myer melted yesterday, disrupting power to part of the apartment building there.  Dominion Power repaired the lead.  Dominion has already replaced one of the transformer cans atop the pole and is planning to replace the other two.

Power reliability has been a problem in our neighborhood.  This evening at 7:55pm during the thunder storm I experienced a brief, power blip here in the Ode Street Tribune headquarters in my bedroom in Westmoreland Condos.  If you experience any power outages in the neighborhood, please record them in my power outage log.

We've had some power grid work in the area.  Some huge power poles have recently gone up just west of Rosslyn along Rt. 50.  Getting everyone reliable power is a difficult, dangerous job. A lot of under-appreciated workers doing good work is what separates us from being in the heat and dark.

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