Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tree injured, fallen limbs obstruct highway

The storm last night blew off the top of a venerable oak tree just outside Arlington Cemetery.  The tree's condition looks critical, but it may have enough remaining branches to survive and regrow more.

Caring for injured trees should be a priority in the neighborhood.  Arlington Urban Forestry Commission member Steve Campbell informed the RAFOM annual meeting that the tree canopy in the Radnor / Ft. Myer Heights is rated at 20%, lower than that for the Ballston / Virginia Sq. area (23%) and far below the over-all Arlington figure (41%).  The injured tree is only slightly outside the Radnor / Ft. Myer Heights boundary.  I hope that this injured tree receives some emergency care. 

The fallen tree limbs obstructed the bike and pedestrian highway leading to the main entrance of Arlington Cemetery.  Because the obstruction is on a curve at the bottom of a hill, it presents a significant traffic hazard.  A local cyclist assumed that it would not be possible to reset the limb, and hence he broke back some of the fallen limbs to lessen the traffic hazard.   But some branches remain, and traffic sight-lines are still somewhat obstructed.

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