Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dream images at Piola in Rosslyn

A new exhibition of paintings, Sueños de Insomnio (Dreams of Insomnia), opened today at Piola in Rosslyn.  The artist, Marcelo Novo, explains:
I try to suppress my conscious awareness as much as I can, distracting it and bypassing its interference, thus allowing the images to flow freely. I utilize whatever medium is necessary in order to obtain a more pure and faithful transition between the inner and the outer. I start and finish my works in one session with the purpose of capturing a particular (or specific) state of mind. I consider that my art has its roots in Latin American and European Surrealism. ... Since it is not my intention to communicate any particular message through my art, I would like the viewers to make their own interpretation based on their individual experiences. I believe the viewer completes the work.
So you have Novo's permission to make your own interpretation of the above image.

Novo's work calls to mind an ocean churning with mixture of bright, bold colors.  I taste Piola's Mareverde pizza (shrimp, brie cheese, arugola, tomato sauce and mozzarella).  Or maybe it's an Ortomisto (fresh tomatoes, eggplant, spinach, sweet peppers, zucchini, broccoli, tomato sauce and mozzarella).   While Novo grew up in Argentina, if you view his paintings and have a Buenos Aires (onion and mozzarella), I insist that you have totally misinterpreted his work.  As an art critic, I do not share Novo's interpretive permissiveness.

Novo moved from South Carolina to Arlington two weeks ago.  While in South Carolina, he wrote out a plan for a ballet on napkins in a restaurant and then realized it in collaboration with a choreographer (Novo did the scenery and costumes).  He's looking for studio space and interested in working on collaborative projects with other artists.

Sueños de Insomnio (Dreams of Insomnia) will be on display at Piola in Rosslyn through November 27, 2010.

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