Monday, September 6, 2010

N. 15th St. road improvements

Excellent road improvements recently occurred on the 15th St. hill connecting Courthouse to N. Rhodes St.  A bike lane has been marked on both sides of the road.  Parking is no longer allowed on the right side of the road just uphill from the intersection with N. Rhodes St. (see car with ticket in above photo).  In addition, the double yellow line has been erased to allow a more even division of the road.

The 15th St. hill has been a bad section in a key bicycle route.  Cyclists coming up from the Iwo Jima trail and heading west of Rosslyn travel on the (small) Arlington Blvd, past the Ft. Myers Heights Park and the majestic Westmoreland Condominiums, across the N. Queen St. bridge over Rt. 50, and up the 15th St. hill.  That bike route is now significantly better.

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