Thursday, October 14, 2010

candidate forum in Rosslyn

This past Tuesday, candidates for Arlington School Board, Arlington County Board, and the 8th District representative to the U.S. House of Representatives participated in a candidate forum in Rosslyn.  Rosslyn civic associations RAFOM and NRCA sponsored the forum.

Each candidate's name below links to the candidate's websites, which contain information that the candidates have asked voters to consider.  Following the candidate's name is a link to a video containing the candidate's opening statement, response statement, and closing statement at the Rosslyn candidate forum.  The candidates also answered questions from the relatively large and engaged audience.  The Ode Street Tribune did not videotape the questions and answers.

Candidates for member, Arlington School Board:
Candidates for member, Arlington County Board:
Candidates for member, House of Representatives 8th District:

The upcoming election is Nov. 2.  The names above are listed as they appear on the sample ballot.  Do your civic duty: vote!

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