Monday, December 13, 2010

arty mashers at Artisphere

Party Crashers: Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World opening this past Saturday night at Artisphere.  A lively crowd enjoyed each other and the variety of art hanging on the walls.  The being in Nekisha Durrett's digital print, The Kudzu Forest, forlornly looked out on the scene.  Liberate the ghosts of art!

Artisphere unquestionably is at the vanguard of the art liberation movement.  Party Crashers included space and materials for visitors to make their own comic collages.  Using those resources, Sara Hammond and Alexander Smith put together a collage that displays well comic book culture.  Similarly, in Artisphere's WIP Gallery, the exhibit Folding/Unfolding: Collider invites visitors to build crystal forms out of 2D templates.

Party Crashers will be at the Artisphere through Feb. 13, 2011.  See creative, be creative!

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