Monday, January 17, 2011

art at Piola in Rosslyn calls for closer look

Piola in Rosslyn is showing Jennifer Droblyen's art exhibition, Wall + Wake, through Feb. 5, 2011.  To appreciate fully the exhibition, you should read the exhibition description:
In early 2010, artist Jennifer Droblyen discovered a concrete wall that at first glance appeared cold, vacant, and insignificant to many who passed by. Upon further examination, the wall revealed catacombs of human existence left behind: cigarette butts, newspapers, parking tickets, gum. Within each chamber the spaces revealed, amid aged detritus and debris, a beauty and life all its own. This exhibition is a celebration of what remained, in essence a “wake” to acknowledge the hidden life of the wall.[*]
The exhibit postcard declares {visit the wall: 39° 57' 17"N, 75° 10' 21"W}. One way to visit the wall is to type these latitude/longitude coordinates into Google Maps and take a look through Street View.  While Google's Street View is amazing, it just doesn't measure up to Droblyen's art.  You can see much more with Droblyen's art.

Droblyen's exhibition seems to me to urge viewers to look carefully for wonders in places that often are taken for granted.  The exhibit would go well with Piola's starter Ceviche Mancora (Tilapia, shrimp, red onion, cilantro and pepper, marinated in lemon-jalapeno sauce).  Look at all these individual pieces, tastefully mixed together. 

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[*] The quoted text is from the printed exhibition postcard. It differs only slightly from the webpage text.

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