Monday, March 28, 2011

watch ice melt in Alexandria

Sometimes the frenzied, red-hot nightlife of Rosslyn becomes exhausting.  If you would like just to chill quietly, you might go to Gatsbys Tavern in well-known, historic Alexandria.  A notable feature of the 1792 City Tavern is a subterranean, commercial-sized ice well.  A worthy project to restore this ice well is currently underway.  In conjunction with the ice well restoration project, a block of ice has been placed in the ice well.  Visitors to Gatsbys Tavern can watch the ice melt and attempt to guess the date on which the ice will be fully melted.  If you're not feeling active enough to travel to Alexandria, you can from the comfort of your couch enjoy watching the ice melt though an excellent ice well webcam.

Like Buffalo soldiers fighting fiercely or Orville Wright struggling to stay aloft, an ice well is an important part of our region's history.    

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Anonymous said...

I guess June 6th