Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Artisphere needs more signs

Artisphere's large revenue and visitor shortfall may be due in large part to lack of public awareness. Persons traveling through the busy intersection of Wilson Blvd. and Lynn St. could easily be unaware that they are less than 100 yards from the DC-area's most inviting arts venue

Artisphere signage should be added to Central Space to Central Place.  JBG Company, like Monday Properties, surely should recognize that Rosslyn is more attractive when it's attractive Monday through Sunday, days, evenings, and nights.  A few banners for Artisphere in Central Place could help push that idea along.  Even better would be to erect in Central Place a large, multi-colored globe with a weather vane on top pointing toward Artisphere.  At least stick atop the Neighborhood Rosslyn info board something funky and weird indicating Artisphere!

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Tarasa said...

So disappointed in the Artisphere - simply because they have not done a good (let alone great) job of marketing - drawing in audiences, building relationships with companies around the area, finding ways to include local Rosslyn employees/employers.