Thursday, July 14, 2011

adopt-a-street program

Arlington's outstanding Department of Environmental Services is offering an opportunity to adopt a street.  Persons who adopt a street must pledge to perform the following duties for one year:
  • Sweep the curb, gutter lines, and wheelchair accessibility ramps of the adopted street, on a quarterly basis
  • Remove litter along the adopted street, on a quarterly basis or as needed
  • Schedule a pick-up for sweeping debris to be collected by DES staff
  • Update the tasks you completed of your street adopting duties, each quarter
  • Report any hazardous conditions, as needed, along the adopted street:
This is a fine opportunity to serve the neighbor.  Among Arlington's many streets, the famous and mellifluous Ode Street is seeking adoption. Inspired by this program and the appalling condition of the Ode Street Tribune's headquarters, the Ode Street Tribune pledges to sweep its headquarter's floors and vacuum its rugs once a quarter over the next year.  Given the additional effort of these four additional cleanings, readers should appreciate even more the Tribune's sparkling content.

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