Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seeing Everyday Beauty amidst Chaos

A beautiful exhibit of multilayered memories made into paper is on display in Arlington Temple United Methodist Church in Rosslyn.  The artist, Jill Romanoke, has a studio in the Arlington Arts Center and was recognized by leading local media as having the finest work in a recent show at the Arlington Arts Center.  In her artist's statement, Romanoke declares:
I simply love our earth; the space around it, the sun, sky, stars, and air currents.  Our globe is a phenomenon -- its magnificent system of life and its ongoing cycles.  When I create a piece of art, I want to convey this love, its multilayeredness.
Look for this love inside the church above the gas station.  You can find it in the midst of the chaos of the massive construction projects in downtown Rosslyn. Stop in and see what you see!

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