Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peyton Palmore, local handyman

Peyton Palmore started his own handyman business at age 64.  Two decades later, he is still helping local residents with repairs and installations.  His many loyal clients are a tribute to his trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism.  His motto: "No job too small; every job done with pride."

If you have nagging home repairs that need to get done, get to know Peyton. Even if you don't have home repair that needs to get done, get to know Peyton.  You might be able to find someone else to do repairs, but you surely can't find any other handyman like Peyton.

Peyton Palmore, local handyman, offers licensed, insured, guaranteed work.  Call him at 703 527-5828.

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Tom G said...

Hi Doug - I actually live in building 1305 of WMT and have followed your blog somewhat regularly on my google reader. Anyway, I'd be very interested in reaching out to Peyton. I have a broken shower fixture and am looking for a good handy man to assist with the repair. Would you mind sharing his contact info? Thanks so much!

Douglas Galbi said...

Tom, you can contact Peyton at 703 527-5828.