Monday, November 21, 2011

stay alert to stop crime

At last week's RAFOM meeting, officers from our neighborhood (District 2, beat 24) police team reported that crime in the neighborhood is down over the past year compared to the previous year.  Moreover, several months ago the police arrested two suspects associated with a string of local burglaries.  Those arrests should help to lessen further local crime.

Taking reasonable precautions and staying alert helps to stop crime.  When walking at night, it's safer to walk with company.  So invite someone else to go with you to wherever you're walking.  Walking with music blaring from earphones or walking while texting and staring into a smartphone decreases your awareness of your surroundings and makes you more prone to be a victim of crime.  It's much better to look around and enjoy the colors of fall and the spectacular Rosslyn skyscape.

An alert resident of Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums recently noticed pry marks on the back door of 1311 N. Ode Street. Arlington County police are aware of this situation.  Apartment building residents should be mindful of any fresh or suspicious damage to the doors or any suspicious persons seen in the building common hallways.  If you have some concern about possible criminal activity, our neighbor Arlington County police team encourages you to contact them.  They can judge much better than you whether some particular activity is significant.

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