Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arlington's stories: Cathy Schnittker's story

If you need some personal inspiration, check out Tell Arlington's Story.  From there you can read and watch stories of amazing persons who don't just live in Rosslyn, but actually all across Arlington.  For example, rejoice in Cathy Schnittker's life of love in action:
Of the unsung heroes and heroines in our midst, many are uncelebrated because of their innate modesty and their commitment to their contributions, not to their glory. None fits this image more than the decidedly humble, yet deeply dedicated, Catherine P. Schnittker.
                In an era in which punishment without rehabilitation is the simplistic answer given toward criminal offenders, and so many of our young people are growing up without a sense of direction or a sense of hope, Cathy Schnittker has given up on neither. Instead, for the past two decades, she has guided youthful offenders, along with their adult counterparts, through thought-provoking and meaningful  behavioral changes and healthy integration into their communities.
                As the founder and coordinator of the community service program of Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County, Inc. (OAR), since 1978 Mrs. Schnittker has annually supervised hundreds of individuals as they perform thousands of hours of court-ordered community service. In the past year alone, 645 workers provided over 19,000 hours of service to over 150 non-profit and public agencies in Arlington County and surrounding jurisdictions. This number included 407 juveniles and 238 adults.
Forget about that crazy driver who almost killed you.  Arlington has a lot of extraordinarily caring persons.

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