Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Garvey leads Board candidates in cycling

Donaldson Run, an impressive new North Arlington news source, has posted an important series on the cycling views of the candidates for the Democratic nominee for the Arlington County Board.  Here are the candidates' cycling statements (in temporal order of response):
Libby Garvey's statement includes a powerful affirmation of the personal joy and public value of cycling.  This statement makes clear Garvey's in-the-saddle lead in bike experience and bike organizations.  The other candidates also put forward impressive bike statements.  Melissa Bondi declared:
Working with appropriate state agencies, Federal agencies, and private organizations to improve access and reduce risks at key locations such as the Rosslyn “circle” west of Key Bridge and North and South Glebe Road, and to create new links where they’re needed – including to traverse I-395 in South Arlington and across the rail lines and roadways that inhibit access to the Mount Vernon Trail.
Peter Fallon, following up on his appealing, Rosslyn-centric tweet-your-candidate submission, also highlighted Rosslyn's needs:
One accident is too many, and there are far too many accidents happening in Rosslyn. We need to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the cyclists at the Lynn St. intersection and anywhere else we have a danger point.  
Well-tuned readers might perceive a sense of lament in Terron Sims' statement that he does not have a bike. As a fit and trim West Point graduate, Sims probably could be a major asset to a local bike racing team. Somebody should get him a bike.  Kim Klingler speaks out on the importance of wearing bike helmets.  The Tribune's journalist knows persons who would be dead if they hadn't been wearing a helmet. Some consider wearing a helmet to be unfashionable or an impediment to an attractive hairstyle.  Klingler courageously speaks good sense on this important issue. 

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Voting for the Democratic nominee to run in the special election for the Arlington County Board will occur from 7 pm to 9 pm on Jan. 19 at Washington-Lee High School and from 11 am to 7 pm on Jan. 21 at Kenmore Middle School.