Wednesday, January 18, 2012

pending legislation threatens your local news

In a misguided, grossly over-reaching attempt to fight content piracy, pending legislation in Congress threatens the viability of vital local news sources like the Ode Street Tribune and all other activity on the web.  Put simply, this legislation will expose everyone on the web to a much greater risk of legal thuggery.

Legal thuggery is not just a hypothetical concern here at the Tribune.  Back in July, 2010, after a post describing a film shoot at the Iwo Jima, the Ode Street Tribune received a legal document threatening legal action against the Tribune for a particular phrase that the Tribune used (and has continued to use) in that post.  The law firm's client claimed to own that phrase.  Claiming to own words such that they can't be used in a news report is completely ridiculous.  Pending legislature in Congress will aid and abet legal thuggery like that, but worse.

Act now to stand up for your right to communicate on the web.  Click here to contact Congress to preserve your local news and your First Amendment rights.

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