Tuesday, April 17, 2012

access to Rosslyn impeded from West

Traffic is flowing smoothly into Rosslyn from the North, South, and East, but traffic flow into Rosslyn from the West is currently impeded.  The connecting bridge that carried traffic from the West into Rosslyn via 10th St. to Rt. 50 has been torn down.  This new impediment is a serious concern for everyone living west of Rosslyn.  That includes a large share of the United States, plus many others traveling across the Pacific Ocean.

Fortunately, a new connecting bridge will be constructed.  According to Virginia Department of Transportation plans for the Route 50/10th Street and Route 50/Courthouse Road construction, the new bridge with be finished in the Spring of 2013.


Anonymous said...

blimey, mate, i plan on sailing into rosslyn in me boat from across the pond in june. Whatever shall i do when I get to 10th st?

Douglas Galbi said...

With a good wind and a firm hand on the tiller, you should able to jump the westbound lane of Rt. 50 and sail right on into Rosslyn.