Wednesday, April 4, 2012

free bike goes fast

At approximately 8am this morning, a bike was on offer, free to the taker, out on the corner of 12th St. and Ft. Myer Dr.   Highlighting Rosslyn's connection to San Francisco, the bike is a California "limited edition" brand.  It has heavy-tread tires (unlikely to suffer a flat), a rear fender (very nice for commuting to work on rainy days), a chain guard (helps to keep dress pants clean), and a front brake held together by a rubber band (not recommended).  The bike is much smaller than the Ode Street Tribune's mobile reporting vehicle, but apparently fully functional.  The Ode Street Tribune firmly believes that equipment should not be judged by its size.

By 8pm this evening, the bike was gone.  Rosslyn residents are legendary for their generosity, and they contribute countless hours of volunteer work to make the community better.   But if you want to take advantage of Rosslyn residents' generosity, you have to move quickly.


Anonymous said...

From the picture, it appears that the "Ode Street Tribune's mobile reporting vehicle" does not have any lights. Does that mean that the Ode Street Tribune only investigates during daylight hours? Doesn't the Ode Street Tribune understand that lots happens after dard.

Douglas Galbi said...

The Ode Street Tribune investigates news around the clock. The Tribune's vehicle has a detachable light. The light goes on for night work.