Saturday, May 26, 2012

benches return to Rosslyn park

One of Rosslyn's hard-working freelance reporters has observed that park benches have returned to Rosslyn's Arlington Ridge (Iwo Jima) Park.  She writes:
Rosslyn is full of fit people who jog in the Iwo Jima park frequently and like to spend time taking some rest after the workout. Travelers also visit the park who have a busy agenda which also includes watching DC's colorful skyline from this park. Family members come along with their kids and pets as well as couples like to enjoy the romantic feel of the park. With the benches re-appearing in the park, Rosslyn residents and travelers now have an additional option of sitting on the benches other than the comfy Savannah-type grassland.
Take a leisurely walk in Rosslyn and enjoy some time sitting on these benches.


Kevin Diffily said...

This looks like a great place for a run. I couldn't find it with a google search on on google maps. Would love to see a url for the park.

Douglas Galbi said...

The park is on the east side of N. Meade St. in Rosslyn.