Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rosslyn Renaissance merges into Rosslyn BID

The public-private partnership Rosslyn Renaissance officially merged into the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) today at its final annual meeting.   Rosslyn Renaisance was created in 1991 to promote Rosslyn, to serve as a clearinghouse for information on Rosslyn development projects, and to help implement the Rosslyn Area Plan Addendum.  The Rosslyn BID is carrying forward these objectives.

Rosslyn has a promising future. Congressman Jim Moran spoke at the meeting and described Rosslyn as one of the most exciting areas in the nation's capital region.  He called Rosslyn "the gateway into the new Dominion."  Arlington County Board Chair Mary Hynes praised the Rosslyn Renaissance for promoting the sort of community engagement that the PLACE Initiative seeks to advance more broadly.  She read an Arlington County Board Proclamation declaring May 8, 2012, Rosslyn Renaissance Day.  Rosslyn BID Executive Director Cecilia Cassidy, who helped to found the Rosslyn Renaissance, received 21 red roses in appreciation for her efforts across that many years.  As another Rosslyn Renaissance leader mentioned in discussion afterwards, before the Rosslyn Renaissance the iconic image of Rosslyn was pole dancing, after the Rosslyn Renaissance, it is Cecilia Cassidy.

Rosslyn's future isn't an office park offering cheaper commercial footage than across the river in Washington.  With an inviting new Gateway Park, the luminous corridor of light, vibrant theater and art, a pedestrian walkway to Teddy Roosevelt Island, unrivaled views of the capital monuments, and a majestic and convenient route to the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Netherlands Carillon, and Arlington National Cemetery, Rosslyn will be a prominent, flagship place in Arlington.  It will be a place more vibrant and prestigious than Georgetown.

Good things are happening in Rosslyn.  Be part of the change.


Anonymous said...

I am no longer worthy to come to Rossyln

Douglas Galbi said...

Don't worry, everyone is always welcomed in Rosslyn!