Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tent caterpillars finished

While some have attempted to distract the public with scientific obscurantism, persons who put their trust in the Ode Street Tribune's report on tent caterpillars have been vindicated.  The caterpillars have abandoned their tent.  The tree that contains their tent remains healthy and full of green leaves. 

Tent caterpillars deserve vigilant attention.  The Ode Street Tribune has received a credible report of tent caterpillars killing a tree in the area of Walker Chapel on N. Glebe Rd.  As one might expect, the tent caterpillars that come to Rosslyn are more well-behaved and more community-spirited than tent caterpillars elsewhere.  In any case, you can count on the Ode Street Tribune to continue to carefully watch and report on activities in the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Ode Street Tribune has taken a short sighted view of this problem. Sadly, I must inform the Tribune, that these caterpillars have not "left" as stated by the Tribune. They have merely moved to the ground surrounding the tree where they will turn into moths and they each will lay thousands of eggs. These eggs can survive through this Summer and next Winter. They will emerge in the Spring when their numbers will be much larger. In essence they have merely made a tactical retreat to seek more reinforcements. They will be back . I feel sorry for that poor tree.