Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coppi stars at 2012 Giro di Coppi

Local bike racing team Squadra Coppi braved threatening rains to host and ride in the 20112 Giro di Coppi this past Saturday at Barnesville, Maryland.  Despite torrential rains along Rt. 270, the weather in Barnesville turned out to be fine for bike racing.  Once again, participants and spectators at the Giro had a fun and exciting day of racing.

Squadra Coppi team members recorded some outstanding performances.  Coppi superstar Jason Hall finished 15th in the fastest men's race.  The field in that race averaged about 25mph over 62 miles of hilly roads.  In an only slightly less elite field, Coppis Christopher Grengs and Michael Russo finished 5th and 6th with excellent sprinting.  Crashes in the last two kilometers took Coppis Robert Eom, James DiFilippi, and Douglas Galbi out of contention, but they avoided serious harm.  Veteran rider Rob Saunders carefully avoided trouble, while rising Coppi rider Eric Blomquist sadly had to drop off the pace due to leg cramps.

As expected, the legendary Fausto Coppi once again gave this race a great name.  Winners of each race received a unique Fausto Coppi cycling porcelain.   In addition, race participants could choose to purchase a magnificent Fausto Coppi Giro di Coppi t-shirt.   The t-shirt left no questions about Squadra Coppi's leadership in fashion racing.

Note: The first photo above is by cycling photographer Jay Wescott.  Do not use that photo without permission from Jay.

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