Thursday, July 5, 2012

leak information about malfeasance, not hazardous chemicals

A spill of hazardous chemicals occurred about noon today from the parking garage in Rosslyn at the corner of Nash St. and Wilson Boulevard.  That is the famous parking garage that sheltered meetings between Deep Throat and a hero journalist.  Rosslyn's Fire Station 10 quickly dispatched one of the "Beasts of the Boulevards" to spray a huge amount of water to wash away the spill.  No information is available on what hazardous material was spilled.  Whatever the material was, it has probably already headed down the Potomac River. That's probably safe, but not environmentally optimal. 

The above information and photo are from a resident local reporter.  Everyone contributing as local reporters will provide far better news coverage than the work of one or two hero journalists.  Keep the news flowing!

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