Thursday, August 16, 2012

coming into Rosslyn

Persons driving bicycles and inhuman-powered vehicles into Rosslyn from Lee Highway, Rt. 66, and Key Bridge need to understand the complicated intersection at N. Ft. Myer Dr. and 19th St. N.  The important point: if you want to travel under Wilson Blvd to the attractions in southern Rosslyn (such as the Iwo Jima, the Quarterdeck, and the Ode Street Tribune's headquarters), ride one of the middle two lanes of N. Ft. Myer Dr. across the intersection with 19th St. N.  If you want to get on Wilson Blvd. heading west, take the right lane across the intersection to the up-ramp.  Alternatively, take a right on 19th St. and follow it to Wilson Blvd.  If you want to get on Wilson Blvd. heading east (toward Artisphere), get in the lane second from the left, cross the intersection, go by the construction, and pull into the ramp on the left.  That will take you past the rear entrance to the Rosslyn metro.  At the top of the ramp, you can turn left at the light.

Come into Rosslyn today!


Anonymous said...

Does the OST staff recommend any other routes for southern Rosslyn access? The intersection of Ft. myer and Wilson is scary!

Douglas Galbi said...

If you're on 66 coming into Rosslyn from the west, you can pass by the Rosslyn exit and proceed to the next right-hand exit for Rt. 50. A bit of a chicane takes you onto Rt. 50, and the immediate right exit puts you on the north side of the Meade St. bridge in southern Rosslyn. Alternatively, traveling on Rt 50 coming into Rosslyn from the west, take the Rhode St./ Queen St. exit on the right, or the following Rosslyn exit. Both bring you into southern Rosslyn