Saturday, August 18, 2012

hawk dies flying into mirage

At approximately 2:32pm this afternoon, a hawk flew into a windowpane on a second floor apartment in building 1309 of the historically important Westmoreland Terrrace Condominiums.  The hawk apparently was deceived by a mirage of a tree appearing on the windowpane.  The hawk died instantly from the impact.

Some have speculated that the hand of God guided the hawk into the windowpane in retribution for the hawk eating a child's pet dove.  The Ode Street Tribune considers that unlikely.  This was probably a different hawk.

Persons who have a large window that reflects images of trees across an open space should consider putting a sticker on the window or some other means to break birds' illusions.  That's better than having birds break their necks.

Things are not always what they seem.   Be careful not to speed into a mirage.


A girl said...

you can't get this kind of news coverage anywhere else!

Douglas Galbi said...

Stick with the Ode Street Tribune, and you'll long no longer for Shangri-La.